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Property, Personhood, and Police: Counter-Mapping Nuisance from Louisville to Los Angeles - UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy - Nov 9, 2021 - Description: Thinking, organizing and mapping from Louisville, Kentucky, and Los Angeles, California, this event explored how the policing of nuisance has become a tool for neighborhood transformation and racial banishment.

‘Fiscal Justice Ratings’ Fight Police Brutality With Finance - New York Times - Oct 16, 2021 - Description: A new project aims to incorporate the cost of lawsuit settlements and inequality when rating municipal bonds. RCRC supported the development of this project by providing data on Louisville.

Status Coup Road Trip: The Other Pandemic—America - Status Coup - Jun 21, 2021 - Description: Interview on eviction moritorum

"Community-led research project sheds light on racial gaps in Louisville" - WLKY, reported by Alexis Mathews - Dec 3, 2020 - Description: Community Research Expo 2020 Launch

"Jessica Bellamy and Josh Poe,"  The Laura Coates Show - SiriusXM radio segment  -  Feb 7, 2020 - Description: Discussing The Root Cause Research Center and their new Southern Abolitionist Planning Curriculum.


Property, Personhood, & Police Panel Graphic Illustration/Notes
by Abby at

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