Beau Revlett headshot 2019.JPG

Beau Revlett

Statewide Housing Justice Organizer

Beau Revlett is a housing organizer living on Shawnee land. Their work is guided by a vision of mass movements guaranteeing everyone the right to housing and dismantling white supremacy. Lexington Housing Justice Collective (LHJC) has been one of Beau’s organizing homes since it was founded in late 2019. In its first year, LHJC’s work has included successfully winning relocation funds from the city for three dozen residents of a building where tenants were mass evicted; campaigning statewide for Governor Beshear to cancel rent and mortgages during the COVID-19 pandemic; and increasing the influence of Black, Latinx, and directly impacted community members on the city’s Housing and Gentrification subcommittee. Groups Beau has organized with in the past include Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition and the Basic Needs Campaign at the University of Kentucky.

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