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Talesha "Tala" Wilson

Lead Organizer

Talesha “Tala” Wilson is a community organizer, direct action trainer, artist, model, blogger, and activist. She is the founder of Diversity At The Table, a community organization that discusses controversial social issues centered around gender, race, class, and sexuality. She is also lead organizer on Defund and Police Accountability work at the Root Cause Research Center. As a Black Lesbian woman, she has dedicated the past 10 years of her life to showing up for all marginalized folks, specifically Black, queer, and trans women.

Tala continues to lead defund strategies through her work at RCRC and continues to conduct direct action trainings and political education to ensure the safety of folks on the frontlines of resistance and to assist others with finding their unique role within movement space.

Her only goal is FREEDOM for all marginalized people.

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