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This body of work was created for the Washing State Coaltion Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV) in their strategic planning process which centered the voices of BIPOC survivors. This work centers what it means to create life-affirming systems and a transformative vision for our relationship to each other and the world.

This series of editorial illustrations were inspired by their article, Moment of Truth: Statement of Commitment to Black Lives (Published June 30, 2020). In that piece WSCADV expresses:


This moment has long been coming. We must be responsible for the ways in which our movement work directly contradicts our values. We espouse nonviolence, self-determination, freedom for all people and the right to bodily autonomy as we simultaneously contribute to a pro-arrest and oppressive system that is designed to isolate, control, and punish. We promote the ideas of equity and freedom as we ignore and minimize the real risks faced by BIPOC survivors who interact with a policing system that threatens the safety of their families and their very existence. We seek to uproot the core drivers of gender-based violence yet treat colonialism, white supremacy, racism, and transphobia as disconnected or separate from our core work.

A better world is within reach. It is being remembered and imagined in BIPOC communities around the world, and it is calling us to be a part of it.


In this world:

  • All human beings have inherent value, even when they cause harm;

  • People have what they need – adequate and nutritious food, housing, quality education and healthcare, meaningful work, and time with family and friends; and

  • All sentient beings are connected, including Mother Earth.

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