Jessica Bellamy

Co-Principal Investigator

Internationally recognized data storyteller, experience designer, organizer, and data rights advocate, Jessica Bellamy, decolonizes information design, learning experience design, research, and editorial animation in her work. As a co-founded of the Root Cause Research Center (RCRC), she works alongside and trains tenants how to investigate and build collective power around their community concerns. Bellamy is an abolitionist and scholar working to support the creation of life-affirming housing systems and policies that center poor and working-class people and their needs. Their work supports the Historically Black Neighborhood Assembly (HBN Assembly), which is a tenants' movement based in Louisville, Kentucky.


As a Adobe Creative Residency alumna and award-winning infographic designer, Jessica Bellamy, is most known for their impact on the research and information design field. As a former Neurodevelopmental Science research analyst at the University of Louisville and community organizer, in 2015, Bellamy created a social enterprise that combined grassroots organizing, research, and information graphics and developed over 170 projects with tenants and nonprofits prior to co-founding RCRC. She named that business GRIDS: The Grassroots Information Design Studio. That experience deeply shaped Bellamy's approach to conscious and responsible design, which is a subject that they teach on occasion at conferences and at major universities such as Yale, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, Michagan State, and more. She has since been featured in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, ForbesCommunication Arts Magazine, The Great Discontent, Create Magazine, Creative Mornings, Slack, The Dieline, Revision Path, and on Adobe’s Project 1324 (viewable through Facebook).

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