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Research is a human right.   
--The Right to Research
by Arjun Appadurai


We are a movement-based research organization and are very proud to share with you our work and ongoing projects. Below you'll find links to projects pages that have descriptions, photos, methodologies, resources for community organizing (i.e. printable explainers, interactive storymaps, etc), and/or links to additional content.

November 2021   -  RCRC

This story map investigation documents Louisville’s nuisance law, and how the forces of nuisance and placed based policing were complicit in the murder of Breonna Taylor. We look at nuisance law through the historical lens of what scholar Ananya Roy calls “structures of colonial and racialized policing” (Roy, et al , 2021).

This research was also presented by co-principle investigators Jessica Bellamy and Josh Poe at UCLA's Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy. The panel discussion was entitled: "Property, Personhood and Police: Counter-Mapping Nuisance"


Last Updated Spring 2021   -  RCRC

The Louisville Eviction Lab (LEL) is a collective research effort between housing organizer-researchers and residents who are fighting poverty and housing insecurity in Louisville, Kentucky. We create resources for a public pedagogy and praxis that support base building activities to collectivize tenant's struggles against state and private control over poor communities in Kentucky.


We will provide regular updates about the state of eviction in Louisville, with the goal of developing a statewide database.


June 2021   -  RCRC & Texas A&M 

The Texas Freedom Project partnered with the Root Cause Research Center to support and develop a strategic plan for the third stage of their work. The project is sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation through The African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund.


February 2021   -  RCRC & WSCADV

This body of work was created for the Washing State Coaltion Against Domestic Violence  (WSCADV) in their strategic planning process which centered the voices of BIPOC survivors. This work centers what it means to create life-affirming systems and a transformative vision for our relationship to each other and the world.


December 2020   -  Shemaeka Shaw, Katrice Gill, & RCRC

Community Researchers Shemaeka Shaw, Katrice Gill, and RCRC developed an interactive story map, video presentation, and report entitled Louisville Eviction Lab: An Analysis of COVID Evictions & Beecher Terrace Evictions for the inaugural Community Research Expo. This work sheds light on the amount of rental assistance being poured into landlords despite the overwhelming amount of evictions (from 3/1/2020 to 9/30/2020) still happening despite the pandemic. This work also elevates the concerns and experiences of a former Beecher Terrace resident who witnessed firsthand the injustices of the Louisville Metro Housing Authority.

December 2020   -  Marlesha Woods & RCRC

Community Researcher Marlesha Woods and RCRC developed an interactive storymap, video presentation, and report (note: report release date 2021) entitled Art Embodied: Immeasurable Paint for the inaugural Community Research Expo. This work looks at the discriminatory practices, tokenism, cultural appropriation, and other injustices related to the Racial Wealth Gap within the art industry, here, in Louisville, KY.

Art Embodied Counter Map.PNG

December 2020   -  Shannon Floyd & RCRC

Community Researcher Shannon Floyd and RCRC developed a report and video presentation entitled Identifying Bias and Discriminatory Practices in the Labor Market for the inaugural Community Research Expo. This work investigates the hiring practices and history of discrimination of the five largest employers in Louisville. The "Big Five" are Ford, UPS, JCPS, Humana, and Norton Healthcare). Video presentation features exclusive interviews with a few of the Big Five's former employees.

December 2020   -  Whitney Major, Mitzi Wilson, & RCRC

Community Researchers Whitney Major, Mitzi Wilson, and RCRC developed a report and video presentation entitled Social Isolation and Alienation in the Black Community: The Effects of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and Youth Incarceration on Community Bonds and Family Relations for the inaugural Community Research Expo. This work showcases two Black-led intervention strategies that aim to repair the Black community in Louisville, KY.

December 2020   -  Woody Pryor & RCRC

Community Researcher Woody Pryor and RCRC developed a report and video presentation entitled False Hopes: How Policy & People Hold Wealth Hostage for the inaugural Community Research Expo. This work uses economist William "Sandy" Darity jr's 10 Myths about the Racial Wealth Gap to evaluate Russell Place of Promise's Theory of Change for building Black wealth in the gentrifying historically Black Russell Neighborhood in Louisville, KY.

November 2020   -  2020 RCRC Graduate Research Fellow Project

This mapping project spatially represents where Louisville Metro Police Dept gun violence incidents have occurred across the City of Louisville and illuminates patterns of this particular form of police violence through an anti-oppression lens.


October 2020   -  by AEMP & LA Tenants Union

Organizing Tenant Power for Housing Justice by the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project and Los Angeles Tenants Union. We are very gratefule for Terra Graziana, Elana Eden and Sasha Plotnikova for their scholarship and generosity in providing this terrific resource for housing organizers in the South.

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 2.05.23 PM.png

June 2020   -  by Black Lives Matter Louisville

This kit is designed to consolidate the information regarding Invest Divest strategy and resources for Louisville, KY.

LMPD Budget Visual_2020-21_Page_1.jpg

May 2020   -  by RCRC Team and KHJC

Kentucky was in a housing crisis before the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it much worse. Watch our video to learn more.


Apr 2020   -  by RCRC Team

Over the last four months, the RCRC Team has been writing a Data Accountability Guide. Here are some resources from that work.

Digital Work

Apr 2020   -  by RCRC Team

Fill out the Kentucky Housing Survey to record your experiences with your landlord or property managers. Survey information will be shared with housing justice advocates from Lexington Housing Justice CollectiveBroken Hearted Homes Renters Association, Black Lives Matter Louisville, Kentucky Equal Justice Center, and Legal Aid Society of Louisville, so that they can better assist you in staying in your home. Click here to fill out the survey.

KYhousingsurvey graphic.png

Apr 2020   -  by RCRC Team

Do you live in Kentucky? Are you wondering if you are protected under the CARES Act? Find out now. We’ve mapped all Kentucky properties that are covered under the CARES Act, except single-family units with a federally backed mortgage loan. Whether you rent or own you may be protected.


Dec 2019   -  by RCRC Team

As reported in our 2020 State of Black Louisville Report Who Owns Russell editorial, here are resource materials for community organizing and analyzing property ownership in Louisville KY's historically Black Russell Neighborhood.

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