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The Bok Choy Project by Shauntrice Martin

We at the Root Cause Research Center are honored to share the research and work of community members working toward justice for traditionally disenfranchised and marginalized communities. The following work was prepared by Shauntrice Martin, the esteemed founder and director of #FeedtheWest. Photos are credited to Nicole Funk.

The Bok Choy Project - Shauntrice Martin
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REPORT CALL TO ACTION: Call/email/tweet this report to Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen.

Ask him why he gave himself a raise instead of giving Black people healthy food. According to Louisville Business Journal, Kroger Co. boosted the compensation of CEO Rodney McMullen by 21% last year, driven by a boost in stock awards tied to performance incentives. Demand that he donate $5 million to #FeedTheWest.

Facebook & Twitter: @Kroger

Kristal Howard (Head of Media Communications)

Phone: 513-762-1304

Erin Grant (Louisville Division)

Phone: 502-423-4969


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