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Shannon R. Floyd , & RCRC

Identifying Bias and Discriminatory

Practices in the Labor Market

Community Research Expo 2020


Community Researcher Shannon Floyd and RCRC developed a report and video presentation entitled Identifying Bias and Discriminatory Practices in the Labor Market for the inaugural Community Research Expo. This work investigates the hiring practices and history of discrimination of the five largest employers in Louisville. The "Big Five" are Ford, UPS, JCPS, Humana, and Norton Healthcare). Video presentation features exclusive interviews with a few of the Big Five's former employees.

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Shannon R. Floyd (she/her/hers) 

Shannon is a dynamic leader with a strong commitment to helping organizations and individuals excel. She works as a professional mediator at RESOLVE: Restorative Practices in Louisville, KY. She has a Masters in Social Work and is passionate about fighting against implicit bias, discriminatory practices, and inequities in employment and labor. As a Community Researcher at the Root Cause Research Center, she is working on a project that addresses an issue within the Racial Wealth Gap.  

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