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Fill out the Kentucky Housing Survey today. Survey information will be shared with housing justice advocates so that they can better assist you in staying in your home. See our comprehensive data policy that centers human rights and prioritizes the protection of communities that are most vulnerable to surveillance and data extraction here

Kentucky Housing Survey

Last updated September 2, 2020

Formerly the Louisville Housing Survey, we have officially updated the survey in order to better serve statewide housing justice needs.

A third of the country was not able to pay for rent in the month of April. You are not alone if you are concerned about being evicted once eviction restrictions are lifted in our state. Here are a few options and resources to help you during this time:

Below you will find the Kentucky Housing Survey, Lexington Housing Justice Pledge of Resistance, and Civic Engagement Survey. Each survey takes about 5-10mins each to fill out. 

Kentucky Housing Survey 

Takes about 10 minutes to fill out this housing survey.


Housing Justice Pledge of Resistance

Takes about 5 minutes to fill out this pledge.

Civic Engagement Housing Survey

Takes about 10 minutes to fill out this housing survey.

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