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"The first thing that must be understood about how Movement Scientists show up in political battlefields is that we are connectors, first-responders, and pioneers of innovative methods within the field of data science and design. We connect people to essential statistics, resources, writings, databases, impact statements, etc. We are on the frontlines of debate. Here, we are armed with the data points necessary to refute problematic ideology, support community voices, demonstrate root causes, and hold authority figures accountable." 
--Jessica Bellamy

Our Team

Our team is made up of staff members and tenant leaders. We are proud of the fact that our team is made up of tenants, grassroots organizers, housing activists, and people most impacted by systemic issues in our base city of Louisville, KY.


Property, Personhood, & Police Panel Graphic Illustration/Notes
by Abby at

Our Staff


Jessica Bellamy
Co-Principal Investigator and
Lead Organizer on Social Housing, Self Governance, & Radical Policy

Tenant Organizer, Information Designer, & Research Analyst

Work Samples & Bio


Josh Poe
Co-Principal Investigator and
Tenant Organizer

Tenant Organizer

Work Samples & Bio

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