"The first thing that must be understood about how Movement Scientists show up in political battlefields is that we are connectors, first-responders, and pioneers of innovative methods within the field of data science and design. We connect people to essential statistics, resources, writings, databases, impact statements, etc. We are on the frontlines of debate. Here, we are armed with the data points necessary to refute problematic ideology, support community voices, demonstrate root causes, and hold authority figures accountable." 
--Jessica Bellamy

Our Team

Our team is made up of staff members, Board members, and Accountability Council members. We are proud of the fact that our team is made up of grassroots organizers, activists, equity-centered data specialists, new economy advocates, and people most impacted by systemic issues in our base city of Louisville, KY.

Staff members who engage in research and data collection maintain the following certifications:

  • Human Subjects Research certification from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program)

  • Responsible Conduct of Research certification from CITI Program

  • Financial Conflict of Interest certification from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Our Staff

Josh Poe


Co-Principal Investigator

Urban Planner, Geographer, Research Analyst, & Community Organizer.

Work Samples & Bio

Jessica Bellamy


Co-Principal Investigator

Information Designer, Research Analyst, & Community Organizer

Work Samples & Bio

Shelton McElroy



Community Organizer

& Strategic Planner


Our Board


Dawn Elliott, Esq.


Dawn is an attorney who has dedicated her career to fighting for civil rights. She was one of the five Louisville, KY lawyers who fought for marriage equality leading up to the supreme court case victory of Obergefell v. Hodges on June 26, 2015.


Reggie Roberts


Reggie is a seasoned grassroots activist who is a part of the Louisville Civil Rights and Black Labor Movement. He was an organizer with the Black Workers Coalition and Justice Resource Center in Louisville. He is a lifelong resident of the Shawnee neighborhood and retired from Ford Motor Company.


Sherlena Watkins


Sherlena is a connector and watchdog in Louisville’s Black community on social media. She is a contracted paralegal with The Law Office of Dawn R. Elliott, PLLC, and lives in the Shawnee neighborhood.


Emily Coleman


Emily is a product manager at a cooperatively owned and controlled agricultural lending company called Farm Credit Mid-America. She leads with emotional intelligence, cares deeply about people, and supports projects that have the potential to help others.

scz black and white_edited.jpg

SCZ Zarantonello


SCZ (pronounced “seize”) is an educator, scholar, and multidisciplinary artist and Co-founder of Rhythm Science Sound. They are part of the leadership team for the Latinx Leadership and College Experience Camp and a member of the Abolition Collective. Past collaborations include: University of California Irvine, Macalester College, Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Kentucky College of Art + Design, University of Louisville, WYFY School and community groups like Girls Rock Louisville, Louisville Free Public Library and more.

Our Accountability Council


Shemaeka Shaw


Shemaeka is a 39 year-old who experienced housing injustices firsthand. She’s the founder of an organization called Broken Hearted Homes, which focuses on eviction prevention and slumlord elimination in greater Louisville and surrounding areas. She is on her way to becoming a one-stop location for housing needs.


McKenzie Eskridge


McKenzie Eskridge is a Louisville native living studying to become a school librarian. Some things that make her happy are reading in comfy chairs, riding her bike, non-hierarchical belief systems, and practicing yoga. She is an ally in Louisville housing justice organizing.

Whitney Major


Whitney Major--formally know as Whitney Whitehead--is the eldest of seven and a mother of three. She currently is one semester away of receiving her B.A. in Sociology, at Simmons College of Kentucky. She is a cosmetologist but currently works at Greater Louisville Youth for Christ (GLYC). GLYC work with youth 11-19 years-old. Whitney is GLYC's Build Facilitator and Program Director. Because she is a former Beecher Terrace Resident and has experienced trauma due to racism and our country’s policies she looks forward to serving on this RCRC's Accountability Council.


Chad Golden


Chad is a community organizer. He is the coordinator at Books & Breakfast Louisville. Books & Breakfast Louisville is a monthly space held to discuss social issues affecting the Black community in a unique way. He has also been directly impacted by housing injustice.


Woody Pryor


Woody is a brother, husband, and father who has been directly impacted by housing injustice.

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Shannon Floyd


Shannon is a dynamic leader with a strong commitment to helping organizations and individuals excel. She works as a professional mediator at RESOLVE: Restorative Practices in Louisville, KY. She has been directly impacted by implicit bias and employment  injustice.

Louisville, KY

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