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Woody Pryor & RCRC

False Hopes: How Policy & People Hold

Wealth Hostage

Community Research Expo 2020


Community Researcher Woody Pryor and RCRC developed a report and video presentation entitled False Hopes: How Policy & People Hold Wealth Hostage for the inaugural Community Research Expo. This work uses economist William "Sandy" Darity jr's 10 Myths about the Racial Wealth Gap to evaluate Russell Place of Promise's Theory of Change for building Black wealth in the gentrifying historically Black Russell Neighborhood in Louisville, KY.


Woody Pryor (he/him/his)

Woody is a loving brother, husband, and father of three beautiful sons.  His family is the joy of his life. He is passionate about economic justice and is currently exploring alternative solutions that can be implemented in the Black Community. As a Community Researcher at the Root Cause Research Center, he is working on a project that addresses an issue within the Racial Wealth Gap.

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